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A new wave of work ethic has been spreading like wild fire throughout the business world as young entrepreneurs and start-ups are taking to the streets…coworking!

Urbanland writer, Patrick Kiger, recently posted an article titled, “How Coworking is Transforming the Office.” The article highlights how abandoned buildings and empty warehouses are being turned into new-age work habitats for some of the country’s most work-hungry business people.

Co-working spaces provide a flexible and more laid-back version of your typical office space. Promoting creativity and collaboration among people with different interests but a common goal…to be successful.

Our offices in both the D.C. and Boston area strive to be a co-working environment. Encouraging entrepreneurs and start-ups to grow their businesses with the help of our fully-equipped staff. We believe it is extremely important to stimulate positive workflow and believe co-working is the perfect way of doing just that. So give it a try, it could be just what you and your business need!